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PowerTrakGrow by FPS supports the efforts of home growers through LED technology. We bring you exceptional control, energy savings, and growth opportunities. Take a look at clean, high-powered, and customizable LEDs for the primary and supplementary lighting source of your successful crop production. Take advantage of bigger yields per plant and adjust wavelengths to enhance flavor. Economical and environmentally friendly, our products simplify challenges and deliver results.

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PowerTrakGrow by FPS Offers the Best in Agricultural LED Lighting

PowerTrakGrow by FPS encourages you to browse our rewarding selection of sophisticated lighting options. For further information and knowledgeable recommendations, simply contact us at 1 (833) 762-0145. We specialize in home growing requirements, catering quality products to your unique needs and delivering exceptional outcome. We excel at resolving the difficulties of vertical farming and small grow home centers.

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Top Quality LED Grow Lights

Individual plants require specific nutrients. Traditional lighting methods allow no variance. LEDs open up limitless possibilities. You can now manipulate lighting spectrum to meet the exact requirements of a certain plant. Through your computer or smartphone, you have precision control to create a “recipe of light,” which allows you to improve flavors and characteristics of a plant via levels of blue, red, and white light.

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Our Best Selling LED Grow Lights
Superior PerformanceHigher yields / Reduced cycles
High Intensity, High EfficacyLeading PPFD & Efficiency
Plug n’ Play in Multiple DesignsEasy setup, waterproof, fan-less
Energy Management & SupplyEnergy procurement / Licensed ESCO (FPS)