PTG’s expertise is in horticulture with a strong emphasis in energy efficiency through LED lighting design and manufacturing. We are not the biggest in the LED lighting industry, but simply the best. Our products are of the highest quality using the best components in our lighting systems like Osram, Philips, and Sosen. Our products have longer warrantees than the competition, better uniformity and reliability and come with unsurpassed support from our experienced experts in horticulture lighting and facility design. We do not only manufacture LED lighting we are growers ourselves with over 800 acres of indoor growing.

“For over 20 years I have been a huge supporter of HPS/CMH grow lights for Cannabis in both flowering & vegetation. Recently I started using the X5-Thor LED Flower Bar and X3 28w LED Veg array from PowerTrakGrow for R&D. After the first week of using them, I saw amazing results, unlike I’ve ever seen before when using the HPS and CMH. After using these lights for a full cycle I’m am fully convinced there is no other light out there that can perform like the LED lights provided by PowerTrakGrow. I can’t thank PowerTrakGrow enough for giving me the opportunity to try such amazing lights. They are now our light of choice for our new 300k square foot facility in Calexico, CA.”