LED technology offers a clean source for high-powered lighting. The incredible energy savings and enhanced growth opportunities have led to more and more farmers and home growers using LEDs for year-round greenhouse production. PowerTrakGrow by FPS specializes in sustainable growth at lower costs. LED systems are the ideal primary and supplementary lighting sources for successful crop production.

Efficient LED Grow Lights

Benefit from bigger yields per plant. Change LED wavelengths to enhance flavor. LEDs are both economical and environmentally friendly. According to the USDA, energy costs are the third biggest expense for growers and lighting is responsible for the majority of that cost. The longevity and capabilities of innovative LED systems recovers the investment. You won’t need as much water due to less evaporation, and with programming capabilities, you can combat environmental demands and minimize the operation of costly air conditioning equipment.

For agricultural lighting purposes, look no further than PowerTrakGrow by FPS.

Different plants require specific nutrients. While traditional greenhouse lighting allows no variance, LED technology offers a specific “recipe of light” for each individual plant to help them achieve maximum potential. There’s the opportunity to enhance flavors and characteristics of a plant via levels of blue, red, and white light. To learn more about the limitless possibilities, contact PowerTrakGrow by FPS at 1 (833) 762-0145. We bring the incredible rewards of LED to your home growing operation.