PRISM X7 (150 Watts)


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Prism X7+ isn’t your ordinary grow light. Sophisticated features, including Laser, UVB, and IR, to grow stronger and healthier plants, is just the beginning. Our complete system is controlled through Android and Apple devices. Digital control of the Agri-Grow light allows for an important range of operation, such as Intensity controls 0-100% and independent spectral controls (Blue, Red, IR, UVB, red laser, and 20W of “white light”). Plus, you benefit from the flexibility of scheduling for different time periods.

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‘The Original’ Emerson Effect.

  • 7 Year Warranty
  • Powerful UV Integration
  • Laser Integration (The Newest LLLT)
  • Consume Less Energy and Save Costs
  • Customize Your Own ‘Recipe of Light™’ with App Integration
  • The World’s First Built-in Light Recipe Store
  • 15 in x 15 in

*Product and system are patent protected globally

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Compact Size


User Friendly

Model Number: PRISM X7 PRISM X7P
Length: 400mm x 400mm x 76mm 400mm x 400mm x 76mm
Voltage: 100V-277V 100V-277V
Power: 150W 170W
Spectrum: Red, Blue, Infrared, Red Laser, UVB Red, Blue, White, Infrared, Red Laser, UVB
Light Source: SMD Large Power Chips SMD Large Power Chips
P.F: >0.9 >0.9
Beam Angle: 120° 120°
Material Science: AL Shell + Glass Cover AL Shell + Glass Cover
Fan: Passive Heat Passive Heat
Design: Fanless Fanless
Db: 0% Ambient Noise 0% Ambient Noise
IP: IP44 IP44
LED Life Time: 50,000 hrs 50,000 hrs
Warranty: 7 Year Industry Standard Guarantee 7 Year Industry Standard Guarantee
App Functionality

Prism X7+ is not merely a grow light with advanced features such as Laser, UVB and IR. Prism X7+ comes in a complete package controlled with Android™ & Apple® devices enabling the user with digital control of the Agri-Grow light – featuring primary functionality including Intensity controls 0-100%, individual spectral controls (Blue, Red, IR, UVB, red laser and 20W of “white light”), as well as scheduling for different time periods.