SABER X3P (18 Watt)


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Take a close look at our SABER-X3P Integrated Connectable T5 Tube. Prepare to be amazed by this latest innovation in design and technology. Connection between multiple tubes is not only possible but seamless with included linkable Male and Female sockets. For multiple applications, take advantage of flexible cable connection. Enjoy the versatility to customize the mounting height of the module through innovative, slim, and magnetic cable mounts. Easy installation makes our SABER-X3P Integrated Connectable T5 Tube ideal for any home vertical farming set-up.

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  • 7 Year Warranty
  • Handles damp locations
  • High PPFD values and efficacy
  • Linkable sockets allow seamless connection between modules
  • Perfect for vertical farming racks, containers, and shelves
  • Plug and play without any necessary ballast or fixtures
  • Predefined spectrum for Vegetative and Flowering light recipes
  • Simple installation via magnets and/or clips
  • 4 ft length

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Self Connection

Magnet Mounting

Cable Connection

Cable Mounting
Model: X3P – 18 X3P – 28 X3P – 40
Watts: 18 28 40
PPFD: 23.4 umol/s 62 umol/s >92 umol/s
Connection: Link up to 8 Link up to 8 Link up to 15*
IP Dust/H20: IP 25 IP 25 IP 65
Lifetime: 50,000 hrs 50,000 hrs 50,000 hrs
Style: White, Red,Blue, Mix (Blue,Red, IR) White, Red,Blue, Mix (Blue,Red, IR) White, Red,Blue, Mix (Blue,Red, IR)

Germination Rack: White and Blue Lamps

Germination Rack: Mixed Lamp